Motivation and Action

When it comes down to taking action towards what we want to accomplish especially when it comes to fitness you have to be mindful of the start. Take the first step and keep on stepping. Building the momentum to do so starts first in the mind and then expressed throughout.You have to know your WHY. Yes, you must be clear about what the foundation is that you are setting your goals on. You must be convicted to your reason why in order to draw out the inner power to carry out the action necessary to go in the right direction. Once you are clear about your why, take time to evaluate your reason why.

Ask yourself if your reason why is powerful enough for you to persist through the difficulty that lies ahead. Yes it will be challenging. Any route you are taking that will lead to the expansion and growth will be challenging and you have to be willing and ready to conquer the challenges. Conquering the challenges with a victorious mindset and your mindset must be set for victory at all times. Even when you face temporary defeat, you must visualize the victory of accomplishing your goal, no if’s and or buts about it.

  When you are able to see that your reason why gets you moved to the point of excitement or even being a little nervous; get ready because that is your why, that is your foundation and the foundation is powerful enough to move you emotionally.

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