Have Natural Energy, Burn Calories, Detox, Boost Immune System, Concentration With Green Greatness Tea (Matcha)

You’re only winning if you decide to go the natural route. Let it be known that we have an exclusive source that is just that, ALL NATURAL! Tea has many health benefits and Matcha green tea has enough benefits to be considered a super food and Green Greatness is just that. Many of our supporters are benefiting from this tea including myself. I like to drink it first thing in the morning and right before my workouts as a pre-workout. I add one leveled teaspoon to 12 to 16 ounces of water in my blender bottle. I also like to enjoy it with other teas, adding a leveled teaspoon to green tea and ice tea. I tend to add the same amount to various juices as well.

It has a mild flavor by itself which makes it very universal to such drinks. You can add a leveled teaspoon to give your morning smoothie a nutritious kick! Green Greatness Tea has a variety of other powerful ingredients as well such as Turmeric, Ginger Root, Acerola, and Maca Root; all have their beneficial properties that only adds to the Greatness of this source!

Here is what some of our supporters had to say about how Green Greatness Tea contributes to their greatness, as shown on our Customer Testimionials

“After trying many different preworkouts and coffee I’m glad to have come across Green Greatness. Nearly everything I’ve tried h as left  me tired afterwards or made me a bit twitchy during, the Green Greatness doesn’t have those unfortunate side effects. Whether I’m at the gym, working, or even at Marine Corps training Green Greatness helps tremendously. Besides acting as an energy booster I’ve also used it while being sick, which seemed to boost my recovery time without taking any kind of medicine at all. Being able to make it instantly with just water or whatever liquid is preferred makes it great for military personnel or anyone else in a rush when they wake up. Most likely I won’t be using anything else but Green Greatness in the near future.”

David Martin- Del Mar, California

“The Green Greatness Tea is convenient and easy to drink. I don’t need to have hot water in order to drink it. It taste and smell very nice. I always drink it in the morning, which is boosting my energy during the day. I am now weight more than usual but my body looks leaner and also helps  detoxify my system. I just bought the tea for my boyfriend to try out. And, I will buy new one for myself after I finish this one. This Green Greatness Tea is great to try.”

Cookie- Houston, Texas

“Hi my name is Tyler Self from Arlington,TX…I have recently had opportunity to try Green Greatness! I incorporated it in to my breakfast every morning by mixing it with my orange juice, just my way of drinking it. I absolutely love it! It wakes you up without that jittery feeling that coffee can give. I can only describe it as awesomeness! Or in this case Greatness!! It helps keep my appetite and energy in check through out the day. On the rare occasion that I forget to drink it I am noticeably hungrier and tired later in the day. I’m a FedEx delivery driver so I need all the energy I can get. It helps to curb sugar cravings in a big way too! All the business I deliver to always have that devil of a candy bowl in my face lol, but I don’t even see them anymore. I really cannot give enough praise for this product. I feel that it is good for your entire body; inside and out. I highly recommend trying it for a month. Chances are it will become a permanent staple in your diet.”

Tyler Self- Arlington, Texas

“Before I had gotten a full time position at my company I use to easily lift 300 pounds on all major lifts. After working 60 hour weeks I found this to almost be impossible. I was frustrated and mad at myself. I needed a way to get back my strength. I started taking the green greatness from Daniel Miller. Not only did I have more energy at work but I was more focused. I lifted even more after working 13 hour days on my feet. The green greatness is exactly what it says it is. I can’t go a day without it.”

Joshua Stafford, Texas

“I have been in the beauty business for over 15 years. Focusing on hair care and skincare. After drinking Green Greatness Matcha tea, I have seen a change in my skin and heightened energy levels. My skin is clear and I don’t get “the crash” from the energy.”

Aisha- Houston, Texas

“Working 45-50 hours a week, I’ve relied on energy drinks very heavily in my past. The energy drinks would get me about half way through my day, and then I would completely crash.  Almost becoming more tired than when I originally drank the energy drink. Which started an expensive and unhealthy habit. Drinking “Green  Greatness Tea” has completely changed my life. I now start my day with a scoop of “Green Greatness Tea“, and also have a scoop at lunch. It’s all natural and full of nutritional value. I not only have more energy and mental stamina than before, I also don’t have the nasty side effects of caffeine. No more headaches, bad moods, or “crashing”. You also can’t beat the convenience and affordability  of “Green Greatness Tea“.  Add it to your diet and you will feel the difference in not only your body, but your wallet as well.”

Jonathon- Houston, Texas

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