It’s here! The project of all projects, the project with the profound words from a variety of powerful individuals of influence! The project with the dynamic sounds of Houston Texas from a well-respected Houston based producer. It’s what you will listen to at the beginning of your day, while you are driving in your car, while you are working out, while you are at work, while you are doing work, while doing nothing at all, even before going to sleep! This is the project to assist you to claim greatness and rise with all of your endeavors. This is the power that silences the stagnant noise of distractions from the airwaves. This is the power that fuels the inner desire for greater with initiatives, goals, plans, and ambitions! This project is Audio Mix of Power!

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Additional Minds to The Contribution


Introducing $outhern


Introducing the mind behind the music of this project! $outhern is a producer from Houston Texas providing the dynamic sounds in correspondence to the powerful words expressed throughout this project. Look out for his Instrumental album The Hometown Kid available on Apple Music and Spotify!

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Introducting TJ3

TJ3 is the mind behind the graphics and visuals pertaining to the creation of this project and for the majority of art work pertaining to the Rising Gr8ness movement. That’s right!  TJ3 is a graphic designer based out of New Jersey who obtained their Bachelors of Art degree in graphic design at Montclair State University.


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